Hiiii, it's already September 2nd and it is 32 degrees outside. Today I had a lot to celebrate and I surely did with a lovely french dinner and a bottle of wine. Since Parson is an american school I had to take and english test due to my average score on the TOEFL-test. (Have you taken it? It sure is hard, 4 hours of mental stress). Anyway I top scored this one which means I don't have to enroll extra english class and instead I'm taking french on monday evenings -- hooray I'm so pleased! I also had some nice emails coming my way today and I will tell you more about that further on. Then I picked up all my utensils for sewing and had my meeting with the chair of fashion design studies and had my scheduled planned. So exited for next week when my classes start so this weekend I'm just going to relax and enjoy the great weather and just being here.

All my love,

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